If you pop by to my corner of the world you will find; photos, as I’m a photographer (see below) and my somewhat eccentric viewpoint on the world…

Things about me:


The obvious as according to my blog posts:
– I love photography so much so, I have my own business www.feliciapriorphotography.com

– I’m addicted to baking – especially cupcakes.

– As a woman I am cursed with the syndrome of talking/writing… A LOT!

– I’m a Christian – I believe Jesus died for my sins, and I believe Jesus wants me to share His Good News – which btw is that Jesus died for the sins of man and rose on the third day Luke Ch 23 & 24

The (maybe) not so obvious:
– I detest pineapple. I hate when I see it on a pizza, it’s just weird and tastes gross.

– I love snakes and want to get a python one day 🙂

– I love a bargain

– I love people, meeting others, listening and most of all, capturing who they are in a photo. Ah the joys!

– Audrey Hepburn is my absolute all time favourite actress.

You’ll find out the rest a long the way…. Thanks for checking out my blog!


Poem: What I See

Snapshots from my mind;

It’s the way I see things.

What is it you will find

When you come looking?

What is it you see

When you see your picture?

Do you think you see

A disfigured picture

Of what you percieve

As your reality?

Please let me show you

What it is that I see,

Shatter the illusion

It’s what others see too;

A beautiful person

With a story to share.

Please let me capture it,

Your striking presence

That beautiful story



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