Rainy Days

Prior to having B2 , rainy days although meant no park, still meant we could leave the house and camp out at the shops. Well I’m not so confident to leave the house with the 2 of them just yet – especially as I don’t drive – I don’t like driving, but I also find it really stressful with my disability .

I’m finding it hard enough to look after two little people to the point I’m crying every second day because my brain has a tendency to just shut off when I’m stressed. I can sometimes talk myself through this, but other times I just can’t.  There are moments/days where my brain is working two very as hard just to compute every day situations. 

I never used to think like this. I’m the kind of person who hates having limitations and for the most part I defy most limitation ls, but I have to work twice as hard.

But I digress. Rainy days in the past with B1 usually consisted of me playing with him and trying to create cubby houses out of sheets and our kitchen table. I had no need to put on the TV as I was B1’s entertainment. 

However, after being told numerous times that I need to step back and stop as having a baby meant I can’t play with him as much. Funnily enough I can’t play and breastfeed a baby. Especially as said baby has tongue tie so feeding is challenging.

So.. tv is the entertainment for my 2 year old until I can work out what to do when I have more energy and don’t always have a baby attached to me. Any tips?


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