What this World Needs

After reading a blog post about Christian bloggers, it made me remember why I started blogging. To communicate my faith in Christ. But then I forgot. I got busy. And I feared what others may say about what I believe. I don’t want to be judged, just as much as I don’t want to pass judgement on others.

Unfortunately as humans, we are slaves to what Paul (one of the greatest witnesses for Christ) calls “the flesh” (human nature/sin) unless we believe the message of Christ and renounce our past and sinful ways can we truly live life; as we have been welcomed into God’s family.

But who wants to believe what we, as Christ’s representatives, have to say? Especially in a world so vocal about religion and all of the allegations made against various followers of Christ? I’ll admit; we’re not perfect, just forgiven. You know what, I can understand why people want nothing to do with us. We can be hypocritical, judgemental, and there are a minority of those who call themselves Christians who have done and said unspeakable things.

Why listen to is when we so publicly stuff up and fail others? Why listen to a message about God’s grace, mercy and opinions on sin when we so publicly judge people groups? For me, I listen because the alternative is eternity without Christ. And I don’t want that.

Being a Christian doesn’t mean we’re perfect. It means we accept our failings, and ask Christ to help us to not sin. Does this always work? No, I still stuff up. I have learnt to accept some of my failings are not as a result of someone else failing me, but of my attitudes and actions; that I’ve failed others. I’m learning to accept these things about myself, and asking for forgiveness. Forgiveness is so hard, because it means being vulnerable. But in doing so, I feel I have done as Christ asked and can live according to His will.

I was listening to a song recently that totally caught my attention in a big way, this world needs Jesus. And I believe this. This world doesn’t need my opinions on what governments and world leaders should be doing. This world doesn’t need my complaints, or need to hear my thoughts on gay rights or marriages, or my personal views on the latest reality TV show. This world doesn’t need another mouthpiece for the negative things that happens in this life. To put it simply; I believe this world needs Jesus.

Inspired to write again. Thanks to The Waiting Room



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  1. Felicia, I’m honoured and flattered that you would be inspired to write again because of us. We’re not really worthy of the praise you’ve given us, but we are thankful that God has used us in some small way. It’s a real joy and encouragement to see the way Christ is Lord of your life ❤ ❤ ❤ Love Tara

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