It’s been a really long time since I’ve written something. I think it’s because I’m time poor. I am desperately trying to get organised and not get too stressed in this grand game we call life. I have a cat circling my feet, wanting some attention, whilst I collect some thoughts and try to find something to inspire me to write. I’m also procrastinating doing my tax return. But it has to be done, so I may as well just write and see where my writing takes me….

At the moment, it’s whatever first comes into my head. Life. Life is busy. Having a toddler (who is now sick) is really busy. I spend four days at work, which makes me miss my little man, oh and I suppose my husband too. The same husband who I have been married to for nearly eight years (eight years on the 1st of September). Eek! Where does that time go? How does life get so busy that eight years pass and I sit here and wonder how in the world that was possible? Why does it seem life goes so quickly the older that you get? When you are in a particular moment, the end seems so far away, but when that end comes, it seems like it was the blink of an eye and you sailed passed that moment; hard times and good times. They all pass on by, and then we reminisce the past, wondering how time disappeared so quickly. And now I have a song stuck in my head, about time. The lyric that I have is “time is doing well by us”. Well, off to utilize my time more wisely, so in that sense, time is doing well, because I’m not wasting time. Hmmm interesting post.

Have a good weekend!


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