Photo a Day and Baby Bonds

Hey all!

I’ve found a moment to sit down and write, which those moments have been few and far between as I’ve been busy settling back into work, which has been enjoyable. My photographic ventures recently… well, not so great. Juggling work and everything else has been hectic.

I’ve challenged myself to do fat mum slim photo a day, which I’ve already failed as it’s day 2 and I missed day one. Oops.

But, here are my pics for the last two days, and also more pictures of my baby, especially as I’ve entered him into the Baby Bonds Competition! I’ve spent the last couple of days taking photos of him, playing around with different angles, different settings on my camera, which is great as I have a photo shoot next weekend of a baby – the free one that I gave early last month in honour of all the changes I made to my photography business (see my facebook page to check that all out!)

2015-03-02 09.32.29
Day 2. Part of Me
Day 1. R is for.. Ring!
Just lookin’
It's over there, mum!
It’s over there, mum!

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