I started back at my job yesterday after 10 months off on maternity leave. My goodness, things have changed! I’ve been busy (what else is new) and I felt the urge to take some photos.

I was reading some other blogs, and stumbled across a blog that I follow that posts photography challenges on a weekly basis. This week was scale. So here is my interpretation of scale; one small, solitary toy in which is entirely surrounded by what else? Water. A little sailing boat, left bobbing around in the remnants of my child’s bath. I just realised that most of my posts have something to do with my child. Hmm I think I need something else to write about, I’m sure no one wants to hear me gush just how cute I think my baby is, and all about the glitz and glamour of being a mum (there is none by the way, it never is when poo is involved). But I digress.

Scale: a wooden boat, in a bath full of water, slowly sailing.

Set Sail
Set Sail
Bath Boat
Bath Boat

Inspired by the post: Scale


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