As promised, I did get my camera out.

I got it out much later than I care to admit because I got caught up cleaning my house; organising my recipes and getting my hair cut.

New haircut selfie

I was getting a little sick of my old hair style. I was thinking of going shorter, but decided against it as it would be hard to manage especially when I wasn’t sure when I’d have time to go to the hair dressers next!

Then I decided to take some photos of my cat; because my model was busy in childcare having fun 😛 She was having a lazy day in our hallway and was placid enough for me to get these snaps. Love my cat; she’s so gorgeous.


So then I was facebook stalking; as you do, and I was checking out photos from the photo a day group that I belong to and found these cool photos that a member had taken of food coloring, dishwashing liquid and milk in a cupcake paper cup. I felt inspired and had to take some too!


I decided to edit some of the pics I took; I quite like the results
I decided to edit some of the pics I took; I quite like the results

What do you think? I’ve got the pics on my facebook site; precious pixels if you want to see them bigger and in more detail.

This was so easy; I did use the cupcake cups, but then decided to go all out by lining a baking tray with baking paper. Drop some milk; food colouring and then dishwashing liquid and let the colours run!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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