On my facebook page for the last week, I had advertised all my changes to my photography business; name, prices etc. And of course to celebrate, I was giving away a free photo shoot. I have a winner! yay! Check out my facebook page for all the details, and like my page – you may be lucky to win a shoot or be in the running for some other products I’ll be advertising for Easter.

I’m excited for this photo shoot, as it’s someone from my mother’s group who I haven’t seen for such a long time!

Unfortunately, I don’t have any exciting photos to share – I’ve been so busy the last couple of days; I’ve put my LO in childcare, and today was his first day. I don’t start work until next week, but I was busy today and haven’t had the chance to do much photography. I was too busy missing my little baby. I’ll try over the next couple of days, as I’ll be home and have more time do so fun things like clean my house and organise my recipes. I think I’ll need a procrastination photo shoot just to get me through!


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