Photo A Day

Photo a day challenges. I like these, these are fun to do, it requires me to take a photo a day of something (other than my son) and share with like minded photo-a-day photographers.

I’m trying to get into the habit of taking more photos, improving my phone photography skills, and playing around with different settings. These are some of the pics I’ve taken recently.

Scrabble Board
Black & White
Three Things
Poisoned Tree stump
Something Strange

This is just some of the pictures that I’ve taken this week, in around taking photos of my child.

Today’s title is Summer/Winter. I’m in Summer, however this can be confusing in Melbourne as the weather changes so frequently in Melbourne, I can never know what kind of day it could be. It’s never constant. Today, my baby and I are in long sleeved shirts and track pants, having quiet day in. It feels more like autumn or spring than summer. Maybe that can be my photo for today; something ironic. Summer, yet it feels like winter… hmm I may be onto something!

What photos have you taken recently, or today even? Please share!


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