I love film cameras. I love the excitement of not knowing what my photo is going to look like. This requires me to really think about the shot; how I compose it, have I taken out all distractions? How I light it; checking my ISO setting, checking my light source, do I have enough light falling on my subject (in the right way of course). And then making sure I’ve got the correct shutter speed and aperture set. It’s a thinking process which I think makes me a better photographer. It is so easy to point and shoot with digital and then edit in post-production. With film, you have limited options to do that (well these days, you have more options as you can get your images in a digital format).

I recently had a roll of film developed, and I have to admit, my film skills are a little hit and miss. I’m working on it though! I got a couple of really good shots, and the rest were a bit blurry. Here are some of the pics that I took, the good, and the not so good!

Film Collage

I can’t tell you the settings on which I took them on, as most of these are about a year old. I was very heavily pregnant with my son when most of these were taken. It was fun getting them developed though, and I hope that my little man will be just as interested in photography as I am!


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