Back into the groove

I realise that it has been a while since my last post.

Parenting has kept me busy, which means my photography and my blog have been collecting cobwebs.

Well, I’m having a spring clean, and I’ve re-vamped, re-styled my photography business and I resolve to write more. Like when said baby is asleep, as he is at present.

My photography journey did not stop last year, it just changed. From pictures of landscapes or macro photography, or the occasional photo of my cat, I have been practicing my craft and my lighting, by photographing my own live model, my son. The one who has no choice whether or not I whip out the camera. He is not always a willing participant.

As a view inside my life the last year, I will provide a couple of my favourite moments with the little man:
Lens: 50mm Fstop: f/2 Exposure: 1/90

I took this picture in our loungeroom, on the couch, with the light from the window coming in on him. I decided to shoot directly above him, so that I can capture those big blue eyes and that cheeky grin. The reason for the beanie is that at the time, he had eczema, and was scratching his forehead so often, that I needed to put something on his head to prevent the scratching. The blue in the beanie matches the blue in his shirt, which comes together nicely.

Lens: 50mm Fstop:f/4 Exposure:1/125

This picture was taken very recently. I decided to have fun with a white sheet draped over the lounge, and had him dressed in light colours, which I believe improves the picture and brings out his eyes more. If you have backdrops that are similar to the colours the subject is wearing, it makes for a more flattering pictures. Light clothes on a dark background? Oh the horror! I sued my flash with this pictures, which I diffused and bounced the light off the ceiling as not to end up with an overexposed picture, or a baby blinking as he saw stars.

I hope you enjoy them! He is awake, and probably wants something to eat.

Until next time!
Happy snapping!


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