A Day of Film

I decided early on during the week that I wanted to spend the weekend getting some film and getting creative with one of my film cameras. I was pretty excited, I have so many film cameras and I keep saying that I will pull them out and do something with them, and I finally did!

I’m a little excited to take pictures and hope that I’ve set them up well. Even if I haven’t it will be a learning experience. I spent the afternoon taking photos of anything interesting in my yard and attempted to take photos of my cat who had followed me outside and decided to investigate the yard.

I had fun, even if the results may be less than ordinary.

It’s afternoons like these that make me want to learn photography the way that it was done before digital; relying solely on skills and not on the images that I can see straight away in my fancy digital camera jam packed with so many features (as much as I love my DSLR). I think there is more magic in not knowing what you have taken.


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