First Trimester Woes

I was armed with information regarding pregnancy; all the things to expect. However, I realise that every pregnancy is different.

I did get all of what was to be expected; exhaustion, nausea, morning (sometimes all day) sickness. Oh and the fact that my sense of smell was heightened so much. That seems to have gone down, much to Phil’s relief, as I’m not complaining just how much everything smells from the cat, the bedsheets and everything in the kitchen.

Some of these smells/tastes have lead to food aversions. Some of my favourite foods/drinks I can no longer stand the smell or sight of at the moment include coffee (nooooo!!!) I kind of asked for this, as I prayed to God that I would give up coffee if it meant my baby would be okay and make it through this pregnancy. Good on His word, He answered my prayer. Caffeine is a stranger to me, and I didn’t suffer any withdrawal. Thus proving that God is all powerful, and can take addictions away in a heartbeat if we ask Him to; believing without a doubt that He will answer. Other things include bananas, oats (no more porridge) and carrot.

I didn’t count on some of the more unusual, and less documented symptoms of pregnancy including light bleeding and cramping. Apparently, this is normal, but I just wish that there was more information, but even the medical world can’t explain everything. That’s what I’ve got God for. This lead to some emotional breakdowns, a few trips to the emergency department and 2 early ultrasounds which showed that everything was okay.

 6 Week Ultrasound:


11 Week Ultrasound


12 Week Ultrasound


Pregnancy puts a strain on everything; the body, emotions and on relationships. Thankfully, I have a wonderful husband who has been incredibly patient and accommodating to my erratic taste buds; craving spinach to tomatoes and more recently, magnum chocolates, and utter exhaustion, which has exempted me from housework (what a shame).

I’m looking forward to the bump growing and sharing my pregnancy with you all!

Mama in the making with an itsy bitsy baby bump!



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