Superhero Missions and Races

In my journey of fitness, I’ve recently taking up running. Partly is to keep challenging myself, mostly because as a woman (or it’s just me) I am cursed with the inability to turn my brain off. Unless I’m running.

So, with this I decided to partake in a run. This Sunday, I am partaking in the Run Melbourne event hosted by Running Fit. I visited the expo last night, got some tips and had a free feed. It was a fun night.

One of the sponsors of the run, is Marvel. They have a competition to dress up as your favourite Marvel superhero for some prizes that I can’t remember. I think you can win a subscrption to a running mangazine. Of course, seeing this I decided that I had to enter. I don’t generally enter competitions, maybe crossword puzzle ones, because I like doing the crossword. No the cincher for me was dressing up; I’m young at heart and once I put on my costume I felt awesome. Like I was 5 years old and I could conquer the world!

So I did some research and shopping and came up with: Rogue, from the X-Men comics. X-Men fall under the Marvel franchise, and I loved watching the TV show when I was younger. I spoke to Phil who suggested going as the movie version; all black (easy and also cost effective, I had most of the costume in my wardrobe)

But I decided I wanted to go with the comic book version. Much harder, as costumes aren’t cheap and bright yellow and green spandex isn’t all that easy to come by.

However, I did it! I sourced and hunted and gathered the following:

– One bright yellow long sleeved shirt

– One light green singlet top

– One light green pair of leggings

– Yellow Gloves

– Fluro Yellow Gloves

– White hair extensions (this was a struggle, but managed to find some)

When I got home and put it all on, it didn’t seem quite right. I had the colours, but I wanted it to reflect more the original outfit, even if it meant I had to pull out my sewing machine.

I came home last night to an empty house and decided it would be a good time to work on my outfit and see if I couldn’t pull something together.So I cut up the green singlet top, unpacked the sewing machine and set out to putting a costume together. I was determined to get it done. I spent about an hour or so mutiliating this singlet until it resembld a rag rather than an item of clothing and made additions to my gloves. I then spent the next hour cursing my sewing machine because I couldn’t get it to work. I was having issues with the bobbin case. I seemed to have forgotten the stuff mum and I did when she came down in April to teach me to sew. Apparantly not much sunk in, otherwise I wouldnt have spent an hour cursing the machine and nearly crying because I couldn’t seem to get it working. IMG_2812

The hubby came home after watching a movie and as soon as he walked through the door I blasted him about the annoyances of bobbin cases and how I couldn’t get the blasted machine working. After he sat down and calmly helped me thread the bobbin and the meachine, I went back to it. For a moment, it was working! My hopes came up, until the thread that I had spooled kept breaking. I got frustrated again, and three hours later (by this time, it was midnight) I had completed my superhero costume! Whew what a night! I completed my first ever superhero cosutme. It’s not well made, but I’ve never had a superhero costume before, even with the clothes mum made me. (Sorry mum).

Kinda proud of myself. KA-POW!

IMG_2836 IMG_2837 ROGUE


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  1. Rouge is an Awesome chocie. this means you have to get Phil to dress as Gambit. Rouge’s caujn lover who has the power to make cards explode

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