Market Day

I had intended to have this posted on Monday, but due to complications with saving the draft I’ve had to start several times over. Gar.

Starting from Saturday morning:

When I woke up, it was dreary and it promised rain. I was praying that it wouldn’t rain. I was nervous, and was up the night before making sure that everything was ready. My husband and I left the house to go and get some change and he dropped me off to set up my stall.

I made my first sale within an hour and a bit, which was pretty exciting. I had a lot of people stopping to have a look, and I engaged in conversation with them and telling them the story behind my photos. They actually seemed a little surprised that I was saying something as I noticed most of the stall holders didn’t engage their customers. I encouraged people to take my card, which they did. One woman even wrote on the back of my flyer my prices, which may lead to something!

It was interesting to look around, I worked out where the most traffic was from and made mental notes where I should set up for the nex market (which won’t be until August).


I made my second (and last) sale of the day, because not long after that it started to rain. They also cleaned out all of my change. Phil showed up and we packed up my gear and moved to an undercover area. Thre other stallholders moved also, and I had a lovely time getting to know them. We dubbed our area the “Arts Centre” as two of us were photographers, one was a painter and the other a seamstress/jewellery maker.

Not long after moving, I decided I was hungry. I asked the seamstress next to me, if she didn’t mind looking after my stall when I went to go and find something to eat. The markets are situated around a park with a very small strip of shops; a fish and chip shop, a cafe, pharmacy and a liquor store. I decided to go healthy and head towards the cafe. I didn’t get out of there until 20 minutes later, and all I wanted was some soup and some change.The cafe sales attendants had a one on one focus with their customers, and took their time making orders. The soup was nice though.

Our area, although looked out over the rest of the market, wasn’t encouraging many people. I stood out the front of the stalls saying hi to random people in the hopes they may stop by our stalls. It probably didn’t help that we were situated right in front of the playground and most of the people who wandered by were kids or parents with kids who were playing on the playground. Oh and the musician who set himself up on the playground, that was interesting as he had puppets that “played” along with him!


It was fun getting to know people despite the cold. It was freezing and I had forgotten my scarf. I had some fun conversations with the seamstress/jewelery maker learning that the tutus that she was selling she had made herself and it was interesting to watch her make jewelery.

Tip for next market: get in early, wear thermals and bring my own food.


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