Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

This weeks challenge reminded me of my holiday to Europe last year. My mother, who had previously spent a year in Ireland as part of a teacher exchange, had decided she wanted to take me overseas. Well I wasn’t going to argue with that! I had such an amazing time and my eyes were opened to the different cultures that I experienced; the lifestyle, the people and the food. Oh the food! Culture for me is to experience a way of living that is not my own. It was so awesome. In four weeks we covered six different countries; England, Ireland, The Republic of Ireland, Austria, Italy and France.


I was amazed at the history of the buildings/structures. Australia was only colonised in the late 1800s, so we don’t have the same history of architecture that Europe has.


I saw castles, palaces, went up the Eiffel Tower (no small feat for someone who’s petrified of heights) and ate really well.

My mum and I walked everywhere, including the steps of the Sacre-Coeur, and only had we reached the top when mum mentioned that there was a funicular (cable railway built in an incline) we could have caught. Thanks mum; despite the burning pain in my legs, I survived the ordeal and my legs are now stronger after the feat.

We ate crepes like a real Parisian and survived on bread and cheese. We stocked up on food in Italy with our relatives, eating the home made produce that I know I’ll never replicate here in Australia.


We ate strudels in Austria; experienced the Sound of Music in Salzburg and spent hours getting lost and exploring in numerous places; I’ve lost count! I learnt about the history of London, (England) Derry (Ireland), Salzburg, and (Austria), Contursi (Italy).

We stayed with family in Italy, which was so much fun, despite the fact that my Italian is rudimentary at best, and we met some interesting people in the places we stayed at!

I am so blessed to have such an amazing experience and I would love to go back!





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  1. sounds like a wonderful trip. Europe is on my bucket list

  2. Thanks for the lovely tour.

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