Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

I thought for a moment when I saw this challenge. We change all the time, whether we change a decision from A to B, change a job, house etc. Change is all the time, and I wondered how this can be captured in a single photo. I even turned to my husband and asked what was a photo that represented change. After muttering “I dunno” and continued eating his cereal, I stopped to consider the changes that I’ve made in my life.

This challenge reminded me that I am no longer a child and that’s a really big change. How our perspective on the world changes and we no longer think that the most amazing thing in the world is our favourite toy.

We become jaded by life, and don’t see the simple beauty in the simple things in life. Like blowing on a dandelion and making a wish.


Maybe we should. Maybe we should see things more simply. Believe more easily that there is good in this world.

However, in saying this I have realised recenlty that I am no longer a child but I am an adult. I’m “all grown up”. This defining moment came to me when I stood in the yard of the house we are renting and looking up at the hills hoist clothesline. Growing up, we had a hills hoist.. I remember the fun on the clothesline, pretending I was superman by holding onto it and going round and round before I became dizzy. (mum just ignore that part).

Looking up at the clothesline I realised that I can’t do that anymore. But my kids can (when they come along). And that made me realise that I am no longer a child. I’m an adult with decisions of my own to make and that’s scary.ImageImage


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