Today started somewhat promising; a cloudy day with patches of sunshine. Then at about 3pm, the heavens opened. Prior to the heavy downpour that put a damper on my day’s festivities, I was enjoying the activities at the local Austrian club. It was the annual Czech and Slovak festival which proved to be enjoyable, with some great food, a handful of people in traditional costume and fun music.

What festival isn’t complete without fairy floss? Especially when you can get your hands something as awesome as this. The kids really enjoyed this, which kid can say no to this much sugar?

Fairy Floss
I just think it’s awesome that they got a fairy floss maker. Kids were lining up for this all day!

It was a sizeable venue which held (I think) about 200 people, and so many children! Got some great pics of kids enjoying the day (even when it started raining).  It was funny to see everyone run to whatever cover was nearby when it started raining, as it came down people ran for it and a number of people still stayed there until I left at about 3:30pm.

Too wet to come out

There was also a raffle (which I didn’t enter or stick around for) and some displays which were impressive. Some of the pieces on display had been hand stitched, and the detail in them was really impressive. The picture below shows a collage of images of the day including the equipment used to create needle work, it’s very detailed and intricate work.

Collage of images of the day

The only downside was the coffee I got in the afternoon. It was gross, too hot and just…. well disgusting. That proves how much of a coffee snob I am lol.

Then I trekked from the festival to the nearest shopping centre (which is less than 10 minutes from home) which took me nearly an hour, made all the worse in the rain – it was sunny when I walked there – and just as I hit the car park of the shopping centre, well God decided to let it rip with the rain and I got drenched crossing the car park to the centre to get something for dinner.

When I left home, it felt like Autumn weather, mild but pleasant. When I left the festival, it felt like winter, and therefore I was craving hot winter food. By the time I made my way home, I made a beef and sausage stew which tasted yummy! And I did some more baking, which I will reveal the end tomorrow after decorating it. I need to get some butter to make some buttercream. So I’m hoping it will turn out as I’m making coconut cupcakes (new recipe – made up) and kiwi as the topping. Inspired by the post http://theverybesttop10.com/2013/03/08/things-made-with-kiwifruit/. Here’s to hoping I can replicate the picture well enough.

I’ll post those pics up tomorrow. I’ll leave you with some more pics of the day.

Gent from Denmark – spent ages chatting to him about Australia, Europe and where he’s from; Denmark. Got to love meeting interesting people
The Kitchen
I love shots like these, people completely involved in their work and I would love to try this one day.
double pic-1
The picture on the left was of a child playing with their umbrella, very cute and the picture on the right is of someone dressed in tradtional costume. She and man were starting a dance that halted abruptly by the torrental downpur.
tripple pic-1
Another collage of images of the day. The eggs on the left are real chicken eggs, hand painted and some the desing was scratcehd into the paint. Wow!

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  1. I will be looking forward to that post!

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