Phoneography Challenge: My Neighbourhood

My neighborhood. Well I haven’t been here long as my husband and I only moved here early January. Suffice to say; I’m loving our new place. We have extra room to spread out and can do more.

Because its way too hot to go exploring further than my front door here are some snapshots of my neighborhood:

The front view: this is what I see dead ahead out my driveway; the houses that are all the same design, the abandoned shopping trolley out the corner of a house. I don’t know which shops its from and I wonder if the occupants use the trolley to do their weekly shop.


Then there’s the road signs that need replacing every week or so because people keep smashing into the “keep left” sign. Possibly due to people who don’t remember halfway through driving down our street which side of the street they have to be on, or the fact that to the right of said sign is a side street and people over/underestimate the distance. It could be either of those things or that or someone’s really bored and likes to keep the traffic authority on their toes by bending the sign. Frequently.


Oh and this is the footpath I take to the bus stop, which once upon the bus, takes me to a train station, gets me to the city, then I walk the rest if the way to work. Well, you possibly didn’t want to know that, but now you know me just that bit better, because you now know my route to work. We’re bonding now 😄


Oh and then it’s the neighbors that we can’t quite work out. The people who have multiple cars out the front if their place, oh and over the fence there are fridges in the yards of one of our neighbors. Quite possibly, they run their own (very noisy) business or they’re doomsday preppers and don’t want to get caught out with only one fridge. Who knows.

I quite like this shot if all the trees planted behind one another, almost in perfect symmetry. I can see how that makes this street all the more appealing to live in.


Well, thanks for stopping by my place. Hope you enjoyed popping by my neighborhood!


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