Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

When I woke up this morning, I decided to jump on the scales (not literally). They are currently living outside on the back porch because for some reason, the scales don’t seem to work on the lino properly inside the house. So, bleary eyed and making sure no neighbour was poking their faces into my yard (I was still in my PJ’s) I stepped on. And I was pretty astounded at the result.

Since July of last year, I have been working pretty hard to shed some kilos. I have a history of diabetes on both sides of the family, and I have a few health issues that were 10 times worse this time last year. Thankfully, the health issues have gone down significantly, which is great and, so has my weight.

My current weight is at 65kg (!!!!) (143lbs), whereas in July last year, it was at 83kg (182lbs). I have lost a total of 18kg! (39lbs). I was pretty excited by this result, as I haven’t been that weight (or less) since I got married, which is nearly 51/2 years ago.

It’s a coincidence that I logged on tonight and found out that the weekly photo challenge was forward – which could have been interpreted in a number of ways. I decided that I wanted to share my journey of weight loss and healthy living and thinking.

I have weaned my body off sugar completely, and struggle to eat something such as a cupcake or anything sickly sweet. If only I could curb my addiction to hot chips yummm (the ONLY thing that I like deep fried).

My clothes are waay to big for me; I need to go shopping AGAIN. Oh no, what a shame 😉 and I’ve learnt the importance of body image and being comfortable in the body God has given me, even if I sometimes enviously look at some the long lean legs of the girls at the gym, and I wish my legs looked that good.

I’m getting there, and it has been a battle, especially as I love food and love to eat, for me it’s knowing when to put the fork down as my diet wasn’t too bad before I dragged the hubby to a dietitian and started the eating plan that has made a big difference in my life.

Looking forward to the future, cute dresses and being able to touch my toes with little to no difficulty.

Maybe I’ll get back in touch with my ballet roots and start doing cartwheels in our back yard… one handed. Now that’s something to look forward to.




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