Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

This week’s photo challenge stumped me. When I first saw it earlier in the week, I wondered what “home” actually meant for me. I didn’t linger on it for too long as the week became busy and I promptly forgot about it.

However, when I jumped on tonight to do my weekly blog – one of my unwritten resolutions for the year – I decided  I should give it a bit more thought. As I’ve moved house about a month ago, I originally thought, well home is this place right? Well no, not really. As nice and as spacious as this place is, it’s not ours. My husband and I rent, and therefore we are the keepers of this house. But in a way, it’s still ours… If that makes any sense.

So that got me wondering, what is home to me? Well, for me it’s about the things I cherish most; the people in my life, the things that inspire me, and the God that has saved me.









It’s also about hospitality; having people over, serving others. Odd Image

So this is my version of home, on this earth. When I first thought of this, I thought my home is in heaven, however, I can’t take a photo of heaven. And as much as I love drawing, I’m not the master of painting or drawing like Michelangelo or Picasso. Most of the time my pictures of people end up looking like odd cartoon characters, whether I mean them or not. So, going by what the bible describes of the new heaven and earth – that is my home. For now, I am a keeper of the things that God has given to me. Here’s to hoping that I can look after them as well as He looks after me.


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  1. Home —-
    Its like a protective shell which surrounds me from all that comes…
    Its like a vast ocean that tries dissolves all my sorrows , fears & disappointments..
    Its like a delicious platter that serves me so many joys & fills my life with wonderful tastes…
    Its like a wonderful painting that has a blend of all colours at a single place..
    Its like a performance stage where I have freedom to act & react the way I like…
    Its like a temple where me and my family love & respect each other…

    HOME….SWEET HOME…. It’s my “Heaven on this Earth”… 🙂

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