Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

What makes you unique?

I was thinking what the word ‘unique’ means, and came across a few definitions. It made me think of any unique situations, but all I could think about were the people in my life that were incredibly unique.

I realised that was all of them. However, I don’t have one single photo for all of my friends. They are widespread, and don’t all know each other.

So maybe I should focus on a couple of really significant people in my life, and tell you a story about them.Image

1) Most significant person: well that would be my husband. He is unique. Unique in the fact that he alone wanted to mary me lol. Although we joke around a lot, he is very unique in the way that he is so wholly enveloped in a world of technology and computers, is also someone who is interested in wood work. Apparantly there’s something really manly about hammering nails into wood. 

Image2) My mother. Now this is someone who will continue to confuse and amaze me until the day I die, I’m sure of it. The daughter of Italian immigrant labourers, she has really done some amazing things in her life that her mother may never understand or appreciate. As a TAFE teacher, she has made a difference in the lives of her students so much so that she has received awards for her work in teaching.Yet as my mum, she was not always known for her patience. As a mother she delights in telling me that she is always right and why? Her argument is because she’s the mother, therefore she is always right.

3) My friend Luci. She is someone who is Imagedefinitely unique; a one of a kind. A dreamer who loves to write and loves create cartoons, but also someone who is obsessed with symphonic metal music and horror movies. Quite a contradiction, but a very happy one and I love her to bits!




Three very unique, different people. I could go on about all the many friends that I have, but these were the three that stood out plainly to me when I thought of unique. Everyone of them has a unique view of the world; the pragmatic, sensible approach of my husband, to the somewhat illogical Luci and of course, my mother; creative, colourful, blunt and somewhat erratic.

But I would love to see who you think is unique! I would love to see a photo of readers of someone that you know who is very unique – either unique in the ways of the world, or unique to you.

My life is filled with so many unique people…



Add yours →

  1. Flea bella the most unique person I have ever met is You. You constantly amaze me at what you achieve in your life, particularly with the start that you were given. Keep doing what you do and keep amazing us all! Love you so much!

  2. Fantastic, and I agree with your Mum Felicia. x

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