Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

Whilst surfing the net, I decided I wanted to some photography challenges; something to get me to pull out my camera and to inspire me. I stumbled across a blog that offered just that. As you can see the weekly photo challenge is love. That’s a can of worms in itself. Everyone has a different view of love, and love is expressed in many different ways.

Today, I have gone into my photography archive, to find the photo that I wanted, which can take a while to find what I’m after considering I took over 18,000 photos last year. I know exactly what I’m after to show you what I think love means to me.

Love is universal, and for me, God loves all that He has created. So what better way to express love than in over 300 languages?


When I was in France last year, my mother took me everywhere. And I mean everywhere. She tried to show me what she had seen in seven different trips to Paris in three days. I was so exhausted after leaving Paris, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I saw and did some amazing things and one of them was the above: “The Wall of I Love Yous” LE MUR DES JE T’AIME. It’s located in Montmartre, which was an amazing part of Paris. I’d love to go back and spend more time there, enjoying everything.

It’s things like this that remind me of the love of God, and His love for His people. Last night at church I was challenged with: what are the deepest desires of your heart? This isn’t something that I often think about. I would hope that it would be love; God’s love, the love that He has for His creation, the love that He has for those who are broken and seeking refuge. The love that sent His only Son, Jesus to die for the sins of the world. However, I don’t often think of His love. I am way too concerned with my own life to even think about loving others sometimes.

But when things seem so bleak, and so despairing – the one thing that I hold on to in these times is God’s love. I need to be holding onto Gods love all the time.

I am a sinner undeserving of God’s love. We all are, and we deserve judgement and to be apart from God for all the atrocities that have been committed in the name of sin. However, due to God’s amazing grace, I have been saved. So many more have been saved and the devil has lost.

Praises that God’s Love endures forever!

I pray that God would be with you all this week – if you do not know God, I pray for hearts that would be open to His love.


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