A Night to remember

Sleep deprived is not becoming. Either brilliantly or stupidly, I spent my Tuesday night in the city to see one of my favorite bands; Nightwish. A friend of mine, who likewise share the love of the above said band travelled four hours on a train to come visit and go see them. In our unwritten list if things to do together to see Nightwish was in the top 10 easily.

It was unbelievable. As dorky as this is going to sound, it was my first full symphonic metal concert experience and it rocked! However, I can’t discredit the couple of rock concerts I’ve attended including a Switchfoot concert that took place in a parking garage at a local shopping centre. But you can’t mosh to Switchfoot. You can mosh to Nightwish. Not that I did. I like my head unshaken, and the insides preserved, thanks. It was fun to see others experience music in a way that was foreign to me.

Visually, the night was stunning: the lights, people, gothic clothing (I felt a bit out of place with in my black and white striped dress with my pink flower in my hair), band shirts. There were two support acts before Nightwish came out and I will be looking into one of those bands, as they played well and sounded awesome.

I think I’m addicted. I want to go to more concerts, take my camera and possibly try my hand at band photography. I see the appeal; the atmosphere, the lights, the way people experience music, it’s really quite amazing to look. To be apart of all that was so awesome and so much fun.

It was a night to remember for a long time.





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  1. it was… Something to treasure. haveing voice afterwards was worth it.

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