The Engagement

It’s that time of the weekend when you realise work is just around the corner. But instead of making my to work tomorrow, the hubby and I will be making our way from Wollongong to Melbourne. Secretly, I don’t want to leave just yet. Who would want to when you’ve got the picturesque views of the beach just a stones throw away from my mother’s house? However, the weekend is just about over and I’m yet to clean up the mess that is our clothes etc in my mothers bedroom. Such a great mum to give us her bed.

So, as I’m chilling, and slowly getting more sleepy; I’m thinking over just how much fun this weekend has been. It was my cousin’s engagement last night, which was so much fun, especially as I was enlisted as the official photographer. This is why I love being a photographer, the different people that I meet, the conversations and the poses and faces people pull. As I was flicking through the pics today, I was reminded why I love doing what I do.

My brother and his girlfriend also stayed for the weekend, which was so great to see them again as I don’t often see my brother. I should keep in contact with them, especially as his girlfriend is just such a gorgeous person and I love that we’re becoming good friends. We also had our Christmas – lunch with extended family including my grandma (dad’s side) an aunt and two cousins as we won’t be seeing each other for Christmas because we live so far apart. It can be hard sometimes when your family isn’t so close by to catch up with. But I won’t be forgetting this weekend in a hurry. I do, love my family.

God has been so gracious and I’m very thankful for such a great God. I also can’t wait to get home to check out all the pics I took (over 200) and put them together for them! I hope all have had a great weekend whether it has been busy or quiet. Something to leave you with; a teaser. A pic of me all dolled up before the party last night, hair styled professionally – which was exciting as the last time I had my hair styled was for my wedding five years ago.



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