Sweet Treats

I love baking. I have recently become obsessed with baking and decorating cupcakes, cakes etc. This weekend was no exception. Because I wasn’t able to catch up with anyone from church, I dedicated my weekend to perfecting cooking cupcakes and also to create a fondant a cake! I am still in the process of decorating said fondant cake.

Although, there were set backs. I am struggling to get my cakes to rise to a decent height, so they all came out, moist, soft and well… kind of flat. Still good though. I made three flat cakes and piled them on top of each other to create a decent sized cake worth decorating.

I also made some mocha cupcakes because anything with coffee in it is always good! These came out looking pretty good!

chocolate and coffee cupcakes with coffee flavoured buttercream!

I also revisited and perfected a recipe I tried a couple of weeks ago, whoopie pies. They are a little bit like yo-yos, two biscuit/cake halves sandwiched with buttercream in the middle. Oh and did I mention that they are rainbow coloured?

cake/biscuit base coloured and sandwiched together with buttercream!

I also tried my hand at making my own custard from scratch – no custard powder or anything! Well, my first attempt failed. It helps to remember the sugar! Second time round, I was really happy with the results. I was reminded of the days that mum would make custard over the stove, and just how good that tasted. I still have a way to go before I get to that standard of custard.

Packet jelly with homemade custard. Yum!

This is my cake(s) that I sandwiched together. I am still deciding how to decorate it. Any suggestions?

Three (flat) cakes sandwiched together with jam and buttercream. Covered in blue fondant. How should I decorate this?

The irony in creating all this is sugar makes me sick. That’s what happens when you are on a healthy eating plan and don’t consume sugar on a regular basis. I hope that all my workmates enjoy!

Next weekend I will be away, and snapping away as usual as I have been requested to be the photographer at my cousin’s engagement party! I am so looking forward to going and getting my camera (and flash) out for some fun pictures!

Must dash, my alarm is sounding and I need to go get ready for work!


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