It’s amazing how advertising works. I recently put an add on gumtree – just to see what may happen. After a couple of weeks I did receive some interest. One job I turned down as it was something I didn’t specialise in, and another which I had last week. Goes to show that the internet can be a great source of obtainibg clients.

I also was approached by someone I know for another job that is booked in for next week, and there a few more people I know who are interested – just by word of mouth.

It’s a very exciting time for me with the jobs I have/had and the meetings I will be having with potential clients.

Unfortunately I don’t have a great deal of time to ponder things such as the mysteries of advertising and the cakes I want to learn how to make and decorate ( I love baking and I’m loving this new cake decorating mag that’s out) due to the busyness of the next few weeks. This is the first time in a little while that I’ve had the chance to stop, and it will most likely be another month before I can stop again.

So before I race off to the next exciting thing, I will take a breath and promise that next time I check in there will be a more detailed update of all that has happened and pictures!


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