Worn Out

I had a very exciting week last week. I’ve never been to a fashion show (that didn’t involve children) and I’ve never gone to a camera launch and I didn’t know that my church hosted annual concerts for the local Nursing Home – and this year was it’s 80th year.

So I was going to attend a salami festival on Sunday, but didn’t end up going. I went to church Sunday morning as my husband was inducted as deacon into our church, and being the supportive wife I decided to get up early (despite my better judgement) and trod along to show my support. I did go for a walk before the service and got a coffee from a coffee store nearby, which coincidentally, the manager of the shop has the same name as me! So there I was, bleary eyed,  waiting for my coffee to kick in and sitting up the back to make sure I didn’t snore in the service. 😛

With God’s direction, I have signed up with the Sunday School at Kew – which I’m excited about. I stayed around and went to the Sunday School meeting, which was around the corner from church which was then I decided to stay around and go to the concert instead.

The Melbourne Choir performed for the guests, and there were also a few guest singers I got some great pics and heard some great songs – some from my favourite musicals; Les Miserables and My Fair Lady.

So then on Wednesday I went to a fashion show near where I work; free food, drinks and a gift of a giant pink umbrella! It’s so big, it’s like a tent.

It was French themed, with dancers that had performed at the Moulin Rouge, Bobby Fox (lead from Jersey Boys) performed a few numbers. There were some amazing clothes and I was happy with the pics that I got.

Then on Thursday, I went to Michale’s camera store in Melbourne CBD for the new launch of the Nikon D600. I had the pleasure of meeting Nikon Ambassador and four time AIPP Wedding Photographer of the Year Rocco Ancora, who presented the camera and its features – which is really amazing. If hadn’t already purchased my camera, I would have considered getting the Nikon D600. The quality of the photos were amazing and the features that it boasted were very impressive.

Whew! What a week! I’ve picked up a few things this week, and I’m thinking of going along to the free lunch time sessions that Michael’s offer on Thursdays.

So, last week – what did I see through my camera lens? Amazing singers, gorgeous models and clothes. I had some great opportunities to expand my skills, and I hope that you all enjoy!


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