Sweet Treat

I had a chocolate chip biscuit today as a treat – and decided that it was way to sweet after finishing it. I think I needed to have it with a cup of coffee.

There was also a special morning tea for one of employees who were leaving today. So much food – and the only thing I took was the biscuit.

I have come to the point where I realise that I don’t need that kind of food in my body. I don’t have strong cravings for food that is ultimately poison for me. Although, I did have steak sandwich for dinner with the lot – which was very nice, but I don’t think that I will be wanting anything junk food related for quite a while – although steak sandwich isn’t too bad – it all tasted fresh, but the bread was definitely full of sugar; I could taste it. (I maintain that the salad, steak and egg in the sandwich is all good for me – greens and protein 😛 I’m sticking to it!)

Myself and another girl at work have been trying to keep healthy over the last couple of weeks, and drinking plenty of water. We both have been averaging at least four bottles a day. The toilet has become our new friend. Although, as one of the guys at work (he used to be a nurse) has advised us, to be careful as drinking too much water can flush out electrolytes, potassium and sodium in our system. I hadn’t been feeling all that well this week, feeling quite dizzy and nauseous and I asked if drinking too much water could cause dizziness from drinking too much water – as I felt similar when I was sick (years ago now ) with gastro. He said it could be possible, although my doctor (whom I saw today for a medical certificate for Monday) said that it may be a viral infection.

At least three people think it is something else. I’ll have to pray about that because I’m not sure if I quite believe them. But we’ll see. I’ll be putting my faith in God that everything is going well, I know that He is always with me regardless.

I’ve had my treat(s) for the week! No more for at least another month or so 🙂


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