Just going for it

So this week, I have spent the week learning to submit to God and also, to not be afraid to try different things. I have booked myself in for a few things next week: on Sunday I am going to a salami festival – yes this actually exists, located in Thornbury, which sounds interesting, I’m hoping to get some great shots. I’m also going to a fashion parade in the city, and hoping that I am allowed to take my camera, because that would just be an amazing opportunity and also, I would love to go check out the new Nikon D600 launch, happening at a camera store in Melbourne in the city. (I am awaiting to hear back if I have secured a place – here’s to hoping!)

I also was reading an interesting post on a photography blog – about street photography, just having the courage to walk up to people and listen to their stories and get their pictures. I wonder what people would say if I did that in the city of Melbourne. It would be interesting to try, I would love to get the confidence to just walk up to someone and take their photo and to just find out about someone.

There are so many different people that I see around the city, and there are people that I see regularly, like the coffee guy – who is really lovely, knows all his customers and is always very friendly. He  seems like such an interesting person, I’d love to get his story.

Or the woman that I see crossing the street on the way to work with the most cutest red shoes and purple hat. Then there’s the piano accordion player that busks just outside of Parliament train station – I haven’t taken that route to work in ages, I should, just to take his photo (again – I took his photo over a year ago) as whenever I walk by, it reminds me of Italy and he’s always smiling and just seems to love what he does.

Maybe I just start out small, and I should ask the coffee guy for his picture and his story. And then I can get the confidence to start asking other people for their stories and for their pictures. I’m going to pray about it, and then, just go for it.


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