Every month at work, we have a casual day, donate money to charity and have a raffle draw. I volunteered my business as a prize – a photo shoot of up to four hours shooting, which includes two framed photos. The committee who organised this, placed it as first prize. As everyone congregated in the large kitchen, I was speaking to a few different people about cameras and also about the “prize”. One woman I was speaking to, Kylie was saying that she didn’t think she was photogenic, and I was disagreeing with her; she is gorgeous – but few people feel confident with their looks, myself included.

Anyway, when we were called to order and the raffle was to be drawn, I received a very warm spiel about my business and was called to pick the raffle tickets. And Kylie won! I was glad that she did win, because after her comments, I am so determined to show her that her perceptions are wrong. Also, she said that she hadn’t had many family portraits done and this will be great for both of us.

So congratulations to Kylie and a shout out to my work and their encouragement.

I also was having a look at my followers, and I have to say, diverse bunch of people! Thanks for your support!

Oh and today, is my wedding anniversary! I’ve been married for five years! I am so totally in love with my husband, who I think is the most amazing man ever! Love you baby!!


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