Monthly Goal

I love September. It means summer’s coming, and the weather fines up. It also means my wedding anniversary (five years today!). So I say bring on the next month!

On Thursday the hubby and I went to our follow up appointment with our dietitian, and we are both on track. In my last post, I posted about a significant weight loss – which in fact the scales were lying, they were on top of a cable (I didn’t realise) which threw out the weight of the scales. I haven’t lost five kilos overnight, but I have lost about four kilos since coming back from Europe (which was in June).

The goals that we were given for this month were: My husband is to cut out coke and the sweet biscuits etc that are all over his workplace, and I have to give myself a break every now and then as I have this amazing “talent” to put myself down over the stupidest things.

I also have just gotten off all of my medication for my headaches – so I am very slowly on the mend, as my neck is still doing this thing where it likes to spasm and ache and throw out any chances of me doing anything (the bonus thing is that I still can’t quite clean the house – and who likes cleaning?). I’m excited and very grateful to God for giving me strength, as it’s been quite a struggle in the last month.

I will also make a goal to get to the gym at least twice a week in the next month and join our Church’s running group (I’ll be walking – I can’t run, even without the hip and neck problems). September is going to be a good month – I’ve set the goals, so all I need now is the motivation to not give up!


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