I woke up this morning past my alaram, and I struggled to get out of the house on time. I didn’t truly wake up today, after the weekend I had.

So I woke up Saturday morning at 7 which is early for me on a Saturday. I traveled all the way from the north eastern suburbs of Melbourne to Holmesglen which meant two trains and about 1.5hrs each way. I attended two seminars today about branding and starting your own business. I’ve had an information overload and met some wonderful people; networking and discussing business strategies. I showed one of my flyers to the presenter of the branding seminar, (who was very animated and passionate) who liked the idea behind my flyer but offered some great advice on how I could improve. So I’m heading roughly in the right direction.

I’ve got a lot to think about and what I can merge with my current marketing strategies. I met a couple of ladies in these seminars; we swapped cards and all listened to what each other was doing and offered opinions and advice. Susan Hurrell of Sunshine Spaces is starting up her business as a professional organiser for the home. I was thinking of my home when she was discussing this and it’s certainly crossed my mind; I’ve been wanting to get clean and organised for a couple of months now.

After the seminars had finished, Susan and I headed to Macdonald’s for coffee and continued our conversation. We discussed laptops, smart phones and just how much technology is advancing so quickly. It was such a fun day; learning new things and networking. My collection if business cards has increased from other start up businesses and I will definitely be following some of them up. Oh and there are always the few people who just kept handing out business cards that hand out cards just for the sake of it, oh well. It was a great day and I met a diverse range of people.

I was meeting up with my aunt from Sydeny who I don’t see all that often, and it was great to see her and also… road test my new camera!!

We walked around Southbank as I took photos of the scenery, street performers and of my gorgeous aunt and her partner.

Watch this space! Things are moving and I’m excited by the changes!


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