Cabs & Colds

I hate being sick; runny nose, headaches and and all that. Worse is when you’re standing outside in the cold at 10pm waiting for a taxi after completing a business seminar. It was a great seminar to improve marketing (Shameless marketing – hint hint) So there I was, out the front of a train station not far from the seminar venu, and the next train was going to arrive in 20mins. I decided, hmm I’m sick, so therefore I will catch a taxi, and that can take me home faster. So I call the cab service who tell me, next available is on it’s way. One taxi drives by, then more. I realised that there was a hotel nearby and they were all driving there or into the city. After ten minutes of me quietly freezing and grumbling, and several taxis later, I’m wondering what’s happening. I step off the curb attempting to hail a cab. No such luck. I call the taxi service after about 20mins to enquire the destination time of my taxi I had ordered. After this, my train pulls in. Now, I hesitate, do I stay or do I go? I was told the taxi was on it’s way. I decide, what the heck, I’ll run for it. Where I was standing was still at a distance where I had to run to get to my platform. I ran. As I reach the platform, out of breath the train starts making the noises to indicate doors closing. In a panic, I leap towards the doors, only for them to close with my fingers jammed in a very small opening. Warning bells indicate the train is about to move. I pull my fingers out, and the train rolls on by. Leaving me there. Thankfully I had a ‘backup plan’. I walk back glumly to the taxi rank, still waiting for the damn taxi to make an appearance despite my near escape. After another couple of minutes a taxi pulls up. Hooray! Thankfully the driver was very apologetic that I had been standing outside in the cold for 20mins and he could tell I was sick. My voice was horse and scratchy from exercising it all day. It also helped that I was coughing from my exercise. My poor lungs. So I’m sniffling and thankful that I did end up in the taxi as it was warmer and got me home I half the time it would have on the train. So maybe I should be grateful, I did in fact make it home. I jumped into bed with my tissues next to me and a heatpack to warm me up!

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