Packages and bubbler wrap

I love the tearing of paper and popping of bubble wrap. These things indicate one thing; parcels. Who doesn’t love receiving parcels? Last week I received a few goodies including my new camera and tablet. I am now all technically savvy now owning a PC, a laptop and now a tablet all to further my business. This is all very exciting and to top it all off, this month there is a small business festival in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs of which I have booked myself in for several sessions.

I haven’t yet pulled out my camera for some serious photography just yet as I’ve been focussing so much on my photos from my recent tour of Europe (I’ve got some albums up on my facebook page) and I have been quite busy the last couple of weeks. When I pull it out I’ll be put together a review of my new camera as well as showing off just how good it is – which after the fiddling that I have done thus far is looking very promising.

Last weekend I also did some cold canvassing; going for a walk and putting flyers and magnets (more goodies that came during the week) into people’s letter boxes, which was good to go out and I even dragged the hubby away from his precious fish tanks and various projects to give me a hand. We then went out for brunch so my business is doing good for my marriage.

I’ll be looking out next week to see if anything else happens to drop in my lap. That means I get to pop more bubble wrap!


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