Healty Eating

So I dragged the hubby along to a dietitian about three weeks ago. We were given a meal plan to stick to, and it’s been slow, but we’ve managed to stick to it most of the times. I am more open to trying new things, my husband, Phil, struggles even to eat vegetables if they’re not mixed up and covered in some kind of seasoning or sauce of some description. I have been making sandwiches, and stuffing them, I mean overfilling them with salad and ham etc. Today I came home from work and the lunch I sent him with today, which happened to be a quiche with no pastry. Now, when he took it out for lunch – apparently it smelt, so he ditched it and bought a chicken schnitzel on focaccia and a can of coke. I came home tonight and he told me quote “the chicken schnitzel needed more salad” and the coke was “too sweet – I couldn’t even finish half of it!” To which he followed up with “What are you doing to me?” That made me laugh.

I think that with this eating plan, we are finally cleansing our system from the crap that we have been eating. And I’ve made a goal that I would like to achieve – I have to do a bit of research, but hopefully not much; I want to do a marathon. Not run, as I can’t run – I have a bad hip, bad knee and bad neck. But to walk – that would be a good start. Maybe I could build up to running.

I just have to find out what marathons we have around Melbourne.. hmmm

Any ideas?


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