Photo a Day April – Day 30

Again,a couple of days behind. Was so tired on Monday, crashed early and got up early. Last night I spent all night editing the pic I wanted to put in for day 30, and I have to do it again because I didn’t save it properly. Bummer. All that work for nothing. Day 30 – What makes you sad – well I have on the inside of my wardrobe door a ton of photos of my friends. I was lying on my bed when I got home from work yesterday with the door open looking at my friends – well they were of friends that I don’t see often anymore, because we’ve all moved; moved on in life or moved from one place to another. It’s like I need them up so that I don’t forget what they looked like and who they are as a person. I miss them all like crazy, yet I don’t do much to keep in contact with them. It’s hard when you live far away from what you’ve known your whole life.

Day 30:

When I moved to Melbourne, I struggled to adjust. I missed everyone like crazy – I wasn’t ready to give up the friendships and foundations that I had only just established. That was three years ago, and although I’m more adjusted I still miss everyone like crazy. I had some really good friends and now I don’t hear from them anymore. Again, partly my own fault for not keeping in touch, but I really should. I really want to get to know them again.

So that’s what got me today. All my friends. I miss them every time I see them on my wardrobe door and I really should go visit them – but after I come back from overseas. I’m really busy the next couple of weeks getting it all organised. I can hardly wait, but at the same time I’m sobered by the reality of my life and I wish it was just that bit different.

But who’s to say that I can’t make those changes?


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