Day 26: (It’s not so) Black and White

So today, when I got off the train from work – I hadn’t photographed anything. The only thing I had was the MX in my hand, and for some reason a children’s song popped into my head about newspaper. And I had it. Newspaper; black and white.It made for a good subject and just in the last ten minutes, I grabbed my camera, set up my object and started shooting. I got the pics I needed. I tell you, this photo a day April, is forcing me to (a) compose my photos very quickly (b) use available lighting. I think that my photos are getting better because of this, and I’m really enjoying the challenge. I love being challenged, life is waay too boring without challenges.

Although today is a different story, because everyone has those days where you don’t want to be challenged and just tune out from everything. So I did. I ate way too much at dinner and overindulged in dark chili chocolate. I already feel guilty about it. Oops. I’m just having an off day. And things are aching; like my neck, my hip and my head. Which is why I’m going to add my pic and go to sleep. I’m tired and that’s one of the reasons I’m feeling a bit off today. Need a day off to get over the public holiday smack bang in the middle of the week lol.

Looking forward to the weekend though; tomorrow the hubby and I are going to see the new Avengers movie, Saturday I’ve got a few things happening; a tattoo convention, which I’ll be taking my camera and hoping for some great shots – so stay tuned for those pics (they will most likely be posted to my facebook page) and also cooking and going to a boarding house in Hawthorn for people who are on the fringes of society; not quite homeless, needing support, people who have limitations and need extra help. The group of people that society and most importantly, the government ignore.

I get annoyed when people pretend those who need help, homeless or people with physical/mental problems and pretend they don’t exist. I am not proud to say that I have done that on occasion. There are so many people who need help. Churches, governments pledge to help people in third world countries; people who are poor and need our financial support, well what about the people in our own country who don’t have that, or even worse, get stuck in a system that cannot support people financially or deem them “unfit” to work.

Although I have been very blessed in my life; I’ve had opportunities and people believe in me. There are those who feel they won’t amount to much, because society deems them to be. I felt God wanted me to help them. I feel so ashamed with myself for not trying; it’s hard to commit to something that needs more than 2 days a week of support. Ongoing support, using my talents, my resources to help others. Maybe this will get somewhere and someone will see what I’m on about and back me up.

The Occupy Melbourne group, the people who protest that two thirds of Australians are too rich; that corporate greed is taking over. Good on you for making people aware, but what I don’t understand about protesting, where does holding a placard or yelling out, or – in this case – chalk drawings all around the city, get you if you only sit there and sing/write about it? I’m no better. I am part of the “man”; the corporate greed. But I recognise this and I want to change. I want God to light a fire under me, and give me an obedient spirit, one that is bold and unafraid to fight for those that God told us to look after.

Mark 14:7 “The poor you will always have with you, and you can help them any time you want. But you will not always have me”


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