Finding myself

So it’s been a while since I have posted anything on this blog. I have been doing a lot of soul searching recently, and a bit of praying. I haven’t done much today, and I just wanted to jump on before I go to church. I’ve been reading a book by a Christian author, and the book is really amazing. It’s for women, and it’s about falling more and more in love with Jesus, being completely His in every aspect of my life. It’s so encouraging and I’ve been praying more recently, which I’m happy about. I’m sure God is happy about this too lol.

I’ve discovered a lot about myself, my own selfishness and how I’ve been distancing myself from God. I know that God loves me and will always be with me. He will never give up on me etc. but at the same time, this is the same God who will judge the world and rid it of evil and those who chose not to follow Him. I had a question the other day, and I wonder if anyone has any ideas or opinions about it; when would God stop trying to get your attention? Until the end of time, or when you keep on pressing on in your own selfishness?

In the Old Testament, many times God warned Israel what would happen if they turned away from Him and yet they still disobeyed. Even today, when God tells us what not to do, why do we inherently disobey this? Even if our parents ask us not to do something, we do it, all the more because we were told not to. What is the desire that causes this? And in all of this, will God ever really give up?


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