On Target

So the last couple of days, I’ve been doing better. Always a good thing, and tomorrow I have a personal training appointment, and will also mark three days in a row to the gym! I’m on a roll!! I want to go on Thursday too, and Friday, a couple of drinks with friends after work. I’m really looking forward to Friday because I’ll be catching up with someone I haven’t seen for a while and she’ll be going back home to England in a week, and I’ve missed her and missed our chats. She’s so much fun, and just a really lovely person, I hope that she’ll be able to come back.

Oh and today is 30 days until… EUROPE!!! I can’t wait!! I’m going to buy a calendar and put it up in the office for all to see. Tehe

I was under my calorie goal for today and yesterday, which I’m really happy with, and really hoping I’ll be able to keep it up. Oh and I have a fitness diary as well, which gives me a challenge for the next day. It’s helping and I’m really grateful. I also prayed today, which I haven’t done in a while, and my spirits felt lifted for the entire day. I didn’t even feel guilty eating nutella out the of jar with a spoon. Oh yeah, and even doing that, I’m still under my calorie goal. Praises to God, He lifts burdens.

Here’s to doing it all again tomorrow; giving to God and to not feel guilty about every bite of food I eat, whether it’s the choc chip biscuit I have at work or the nutella I eat out of the jar.


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