Day 16: Flower & Day 14: Something You Don’t Like

Again, a day late with the pics! It does make it hard when I also work full time. But I wouldn’t trade the photography or the work for anything. Love both.

Day 16: Flower
My husband sent them to me last year for my wedding anniversary. He had them sent to work, which I loved, because people saw them. That’s the point of having a husband for them to send you flowers at work and have everyone gush about how good your husband is. LoL it’s a bit of fun, and they were pink flowers! Pink is my favourite colour – and the brighter the better!! I do have a very bright pink dress that reminds me a little of the 1920s.. the skirt part has this flapper thing happening, which is fun.

Day 17: Something you don’t like. I know this next photo is a bit odd, who doesn’t like grapes? Yeah, that would be me. And pineapple – especially on pizza! Way too sweet! But we didn’t have pineapple or anything citrus related for me to photograph.

That and I forgot to take any pics whilst at work today. If it weren’t for the fact I was crammed into the train like someone cramming too many marshmallows in their mouth (where that analogy came from, I don’t know, it seemed better than the “crammed like sardines” expression used most frequently) for the ride home, I would have photographed the scene for you. I really don’t like packed trains; no personal space and arms going everywhere, backpacks in faces (I think my backpack was doing that today) and people stepping on toes. I don’t have much of a choice, especially if the packed train is going to take me to and from work, that doesn’t mean I have to like them.

I’m really liking this photo a day thing. It’s challenging me to find things to photograph, although I will need to pull some from archives, about 90% of the photos used have been ones I have taken on the day. It’s great to have an excuse to pull my camera out for the day, and allows me to be creative and challenge what I do.

Have a great day and check back in for tomorrow for another pic! (Or maybe Thursday for two… depends on how I go..)



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