Heavenly Shepherd and His Blessings

So I was reading my devotional this morning about being part of Jesus’ flock. Yes Pslam 23 was one of the bible readings, Mathew 18:12-14 Hebrews 13:20-21 were the others. In Hebrews it states that Jesus equips us with all that we need to follow Him. Mathew shows us how joyful Our Saviour is when He has found us entrenched in sin and brings us back to Him and Psalms shows us the lavish love our Lord has for us, His chidlren.

I often am amazed with the Bible; God has written us this amamzing love letter to us, and it blows me away that the God of the universe could possibly want me in His pasture, following Him, serving Him and basking in His glory. He has the angels in heaven to sing beautiful praises to Him. God knows that my singing isn’t perfect or in tune, yet when I sing to Him, He is glorified. How amazing is that?

So humbled I am, and wanting to praise God and share the wonderful blessings he has given me in the last three days. On Saturday, my dad called me. This was a big deal for me as I haven’t spoken to him for nearly twelve months (we had a falling out). We had a good conversation and we both expressed our viewpoints rationally, soberly and we listend to each other. I was considering going to counselling for this, but I feel that God had answered a prayer that I had been asking Him about for quite some time. In this time, despite my wandering (Mathew 18:12-14) and feeling like that I was walking through such a dark path in my life (Psalm 23:4) God came and found me, He was with me (Psalm 23:5) and He rejoiced in my submission to Him (Mathew 18:13).

Despite on Sunday, I didn’t attend church – you can see my other blog and post which describes how much I loathe weekends. I have had depression in the past, and it is harder on weekends when I am not around people (it’s like I recharge around people) and feeling like that all the cliques at church aren’t interested in expanding their group despite my failed attempts. I wanted to throw in the towel and was crying out to God for His peace. Funny how scripture can bring that like with today’s passages.

He equiped me today with such a joyfulness in my heart, and He blessed me for my persistance and hard work at my job. I was awarded for “Passion of Excelence” for record keeping. I was blown away by all this, and cannot stop thinking just how amazing today has been because of my Lord and Savior. Again, today in a way, was an answer to prayer, it’s so nice to know that my work is appreciated, especially when I put so much effort into it.

I will trust my Lord will equip me (Hebrews 13:20-21) with all that is good, to serve Him!

Praises to God!


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