Weekend Hater

Is it weird to say that I hate weekends? Most people, who wish that Friday was here on Monday I think wish their life away. The reason that I hate weekends so much is because it’s supposed to be a time to relax and catch up with friends, socialising. It’s a bit hard to socialise when you have no one to socialise with.

Now I’m not having a pity party. And I know what it sounds like. But it’s never easy making friends and it’s hard to get noticed in a room full of people who already have friends. Unless someone makes the effort to get to know you. Maybe some people adapt better than others, or command attention; charismatic people draw people to you. But what if you don’t have that air to you and the efforts that you do make get shot down, over and over again that it’s pointless trying to keep or make friends.

I’m a photographer, and I look through my lens a lot, so I notice things differently to others. Maybe that also makes me (as an artist) highly sensitive, and maybe I just need an ego boost. I don’t know. But through my viewfinder this week is lonliness; I believe more people suffer this than they let on and it can be captured in a single moment.



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